Bitcoin logarithmic band model

New Bitcoin Model: The LogFit Model

Essentially this model shows the long term logarithmic band that the Bitcoin price stays within. It indicates where the peak of this cycle might be, as well as where we land after the next Bitcoin crash.

This model shows the long term logarithmic support/resistance lines for the Bitcoin price, going all the way back to 2011.

The upper line is where we historically have reach before crashing down, entering a multi year bear market.

The white line is generally where we enter the accumulation period between bear and bull markets:

Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves Model

How to Read This Model:

1) The yellow line is the Bitcoin price, going all the way back to 2011.

2) The Red line is a logarithmic trend line which is fitted to all three major Bitcoin peaks in the past.

Every time we have touched the red line, Bitcoin has crashed hard, entering a multi-year bear market.

3) The white line is where we return after a Bitcoin crashes.

When the price is at this line, it is the best buying opportunity you’re ever going to get.

How I’m Going to Use This Model:

1) I will sell a significant portion of my Bitcoin as we reach the red line.

2) When we have our next crash, I will accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible when we’re approaching the white line.

According to this model, Bitcoin will reach over $100 000 if it peaks in 2021.

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