Bitcoin Models

Below you’ll find several Bitcoin models. They’re all made by Oskar Solberg, the owner and author of solberginvest.com.

These models get updated with new data every month.

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The Risk Model:

Tells you the risk of investing in Bitcoin at any given time, at a scale from 1-10. Investing at lower risk levels, and selling at higher risk levels is the recommended strategy:

Last update: 30.01.2022

The Fair Value S2F Model

Tells you the fair value of Bitcoin at any given time. This model tells you if Bitcoin is cheap/expensive right now, as well as how cheap/expensive it is.

Last update: 30.01.2022

The LogFit model

Shows where Bitcoin historically has peaked, as well as where it has recovered after bear markets. The long term logarithmic trend lines indicate where the peak of this cycle might be, as well as where we might land after the next bear market.

Last update: 30.01.2022

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