Why I Created this Website:

My name is Oskar Solberg. I’m a Norwegian student of Mathematics at the University of Agder, where I also received my bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. My passions include macroeconomics, investing and technology.

I created this website to educate people about cryptocurrencies, with the goal of accelerating mass adoption.

After years of researching, investing and experimenting, I try to offer people a deeper insight into this emerging market.

My hope is that you leave this website more educated, and more prepared for the revolution that is coming.

I created this website in the summer of 2020. I am publishing various analyses, both technical and fundamental, answering crypto-related questions, and writing strategy-related articles.

I’ve also got a Norwegian site about cryptocurrency and finance: ungfinans.no

If you want me to cover a specific topic, or answer a question, please use my contact form – I’ll be happy to help!

Oskar Solberg

Featured on Authority Magazine & Thrive Global:

“Oskar Solberg on The 5 Things You Need To Understand In Order To Successfully Invest In Cryptocurrency”

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Quoted By “Business Insider” and “Bitcoin.com”:

Businessinsider.com, one of the largest and most esteemed finance websites on the planet, quoted me in this article.

I’ve been used as a source on Bitcoin.com, one of the largest cryptocurrency websites on the web, in this article.

The Future of Cryptocurrencies

I believe there are two key topics you need to educate yourself about – Investing and tech:

How the technology works:

Complicated technologies like Blockchain tech can easily pretzel your brain. To avoid this, I’ve cooked it down to the essentials and created a step-by-step explanation that’s easy to follow.

The concepts are actually fairly simple, and a good place to start if you want to understand the technology that powers Bitcoin, and most cryptocurrencies.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin was the best investment of the last century, exploding with over nine million percent in value. All metrics point straight up, and real-world adoption is growing at an accelerated rate.

More and more people are investing in it, both in the retail sector as well as institutions. We even see governments accumulating cryptocurrencies.
Regret not investing in Facebook, Google or Amazon before they took of? Do not make the same mistake with Bitcoin.

Do you invest in Bitcoin?

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