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It’s hard to analyse the crypto markets. Let me do it for you:

After years of investing in crypto, and, running this website, I know the crypto markets.

The analyses I send you in the premium newsletters are the exact same ones I use to guide my personal investing.

Specific Price Targets For Swing Trading:

Based on research and analysis, I tell you exactly what price I’m buying or selling at.

Not some vague +- 50% interval, but specific prices to buy and sell altcoins and Bitcoin

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Get an “over the shoulder” view on my trades, my future plans and my current portfolio.

This way, you can leverage all my years of experience and knowledge to sky-rocket your own portfolio.

Long-Term Bitcoin Models To Decrease Risk:

As a student of Mathmatics, I’ve made three Bitcoin models. They give indications on how close we are to the bear market.

Using these models, the risk of holding your crypto through the coming crash decreases immensely.

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