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Based on research and analysis, I tell you exactly what prices I’m buying or selling at.

Not some vague +- 50% interval, but specific prices you can take action on.

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Weekly, I go deep into the altcoin market and pick out coins with huge growth potential.

I’ll give you gems in DePIN, Gaming, DeFi, Infrastructure, AI, and more.

Portfolio breakdowns

You get regular in-depth portfolio breakdowns.

See exactly what altcoins I hold, and how much I’ve allocated to each. Additionally, I share my diversification strategy by sector and market capitalization

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Amongst all the newsletters I’m subscribed to (CoinBureaus and others), this is the most directly relevant, and valuable one. The reason is that it’s easy to understand, insightful, and I always learn something new.​ The most important part of Premium is the concrete altcoins he tips about, and the portfolio updates he provides. This gives me an invaluable, practical bang for my buck. I highly recommend joining Premium​.

– Kristen Reagen

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The newsletter runs a rigorous analysis before it “qualifies” coins to be on the newsletter that week. In addition, the newsletter takes technical data, market trends/patterns on analyzing particular crypto.​ The commentary provided in the newsletter is well thought out logical reasoning deeply rooted in technical data. I use the premium newsletter to inform my investment decisions and I recommend it to everyone I know.

– Rahul Bajpai

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Trust me, I get it. You want the highest possible returns, with the lowest possible risk, with the least amount of work. You want to make (way) more money without spending endless hours on research. That’s the dream, right?

After seven years in the crypto industry and four years of working within it, the premium newsletter is my way of helping you realize this dream.

I handle the intensive research and analysis, trying to boost your returns and minimize risk, freeing you up to focus on what matters most, like spending time with friends and family.

The sole purpose of the premium newsletter is to deliver value. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than when people like you reach out and tell me I’ve skyrocketed their returns. How much would you stand to make if I boost your ROI by 50%, 100%, or even more? My guess: way more than the price of being a premium subscriber.



About Oskar Solberg

I’m a Norwegian entrepreneur with dual degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Agder. My expertise spans from fields like economics, logic and abstract mathematics to investing, and technology.

Through my blogs and newsletter, I’m dedicated to accelerate mass adoption. I’ve been in the crypto space for seven years and worked in it for the past four.


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