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Technical Analysis (Bitcoin and Altcoins):

It’s hard to analyse the crypto markets. Let me do it for you:

After years of investing in crypto, and, running this website, I know the crypto markets.

The analyses I send you in the premium newsletters are the exact same ones I use to guide my personal investing.

Specific Price Targets For Swing Trading:

Based on research and analysis, I tell you exactly what price I’m buying or selling at.

Not some vague +- 50% interval, but specific prices to buy and sell altcoins and Bitcoin

Copy My Trading Activity and See My Portfolio:

Get an “over the shoulder” view on my trades, my future plans and my current portfolio.

This way, you can leverage all my years of experience and knowledge to sky-rocket your own portfolio.

You Should Sign Up If:

  • You’ve Invested More Than $1500 In Cryptocurrency.
  • You Feel Uncertain About The Coins/Tokens In Your portfolio, Or The Diversification.
  • You Don’t Know How To Analyze The Market Yourself
  • Cryptocurrency Investing Is Stressing You Out, And You Spend Too Much Time Checking Prices
  • You Look For New Altcoins With HUGE Upside Potential.
  • You Want A No-BS, Straight To The Point Weekly Analysis Of The Market.
  • You Feel Like You’re Missing Out On Opportunities
  • You Don’t Have A Plan For Exiting Before The Bear Market Comes

You Should NOT Sign Up If:

  • You’ve Invested LessThan $1500 In Cryptocurrency.
  • You’re Not Taking Crypto Particularly Serious, And Invest More Or Less For “Fun”
  • You Don’t Care About Money
  • You’re OK With Mediocre Results, And Don’t Need Additional Returns
  • You Don’t Want To…

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What people are saying:

​I’ve been subscribed to the premium newsletter for 7 months now. Amongst all the newsletters I’m subscribed to (CoinBureaus and others), this is the most directly relevant, and valuable one. The reason is that it’s both easy to understand, insightful, and I always learn something new.​The most important part of Premium is the concrete altcoins he tips about, and the portfolio updates he provides. This gives me an invaluable, practical bang for my buck. I highly recommend joining Premium​

– Kristen Reagan

The newsletter runs a rigorous analysis before it “qualifies” crypto to be on your newsletter that month. In addition, the newsletter takes technical data, market trends/patterns on analyzing particular crypto.​ The commentary provided in the newsletter is well thought out logical reasoning deeply rooted in technical data.

– Rahul Bajpai

Oskar Solberg

Oskar Solberg

Author, Investor, Entrepeneur, Nerd

Oskar Solberg is a Norwegian crypto enthusiast with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and working on his masters degree in pure mathmatics.

Through years of experience with cryptocurrency investing he has developed a deep understanding of the market, and extensive knowledge about cryptocurrency and finance in general.

His website helps out tens of thousands of people every month, and his free newsletter thousands of subscribers provide even more value.

The Price vs The Value:

When pricing a program like this, I need to think about two things: How much value am I offering, and how much do I need to charge to make it sustainable.

Look, I’m not a big enterprise or a huge corporation with millions of dollars spent on advertising.

I’m just a hard-working regular guy obsessed with cryptocurrency and a love for numbers and ideas.

I focus my time and energy on creating valuable content. In addition, I want “regular” people to afford it.

Comparable offers are usually priced in the $100 to $250 range, which is hard to justify for the average retail investor.

I have therefore decided only to charge a fraction of that, increasing the value per dollar you spend, but keeping it long-term sustainable for me.

Sounds fair?

Oh, and you’ll get the first month for free. This way there’s no commitment or risk on your side. If you don’t find it valuable, you can unsubscribe in 10 seconds.

Price: $29.99/month
First Month: $29.99 FREE

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The Bullmarket does not wait for you. You have to grab her by the horns!

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