Can Solana Reach 1000 Dollars?

Solana is an exciting blockchain project that has high scaling abilities, fast transactions, and low fees. If it manages to attract more developers and gain adoption, it will likely surge in price, but can Solana reach 1000 dollars?

Yes, Solana can reach 1000 dollars because of its superior technology, institutional interest, growing ecosystem of applications, and strategic partnerships. The market capitalization of a theoretical $1000 Solana would reach $273 billion, which would make it the third most valuable cryptocurrency.

Solana is actually on its path to gain major adoption and has many developers working on dapps on top of it. The speed, low cost, and high scalability is likely the reason why:

TPS (transactions per second)50 00015007-15
Transaction Speed (block time)0.4 Sec5 Sec15 Sec
Transaction Fees$0.00025$0.0034163$15

As you can see from the table above, Solana is way faster and cheaper than Ethereum and XRP (source: solana.com).

From a pure technology stance, Solana should be right up there with the big boys price-wise.

However, tech is not the only factor to take into consideration when evaluating a cryptocurrency project:

You need to look at the adoption and how much developers and users are actually using it. We’ll look more at that in the last part of this article.

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How Solana Can Reach 1000 Dollars:

At the time of writing, the price of SOL is $40. (check the current price here: CoinMarketCap)

To reach a price of $1000 from $40, Solana needs to pull off a 25x – a 2400% increase.

Is that realistic? Absolutely. We’ve seen WAY higher multipliers before:

AAVE, DOGE, SAFEMOON, ETH, BTC, BNB, ADA, XRP, and many more cryptocurrencies have done much better than 25x in under one year in the past.

Below you’ll see that AAVE did a mind-bending 2000x in 1.5 years and that Doge did a 440x in one year:

(Click on images to make them bigger)

(Actually, I think Doge might do it again. I write about the possibility of Dogecoin reaching $10 in this article)

This tells us that a $1000 SOL is well within the realm of possibilities when discussing potential growth in the cryptocurrency market.

Actually, if Solana just repeats what it did in Q1 of 2021 it’s a done deal:

How Solana can reach $1000

It looks like a safe bet, I know. However, for Solana to do what it did in Q1 takes exponentially more effort from the bulls than last time. It’s way harder to pull a 25x at $40 than from $1.6.

It’s kind of like throwing a 1.6 lbs heavy stone vs throwing a 40 lbs stone – It takes different amounts of strength to throw them the same “amounts of” distance.

We can actually calculate how much it would take to pump the price from 1.6 bucks all the way up to 1000 bucks:

1000 / 1.6 = 625
(This makes sense concerning the 25x’s we talked about above because 25 * 25 = 625. Yeah, I’m a nerd… and also a math student so I guess (hope) I’m excused)

In other words, we need to see a 625x from the beginning of 2021 for Solana to reach 1000 dollars.

Let’s take a look at the potential market cap a theoretical $1000 Solana would reach:

Theoretical Market Cap Of Solana At $1000

Market capitalization is the value of all the coins in circulation combined. The current market cap of Solana is, therefore:

273 000 000 (supply) * $40 (price) = $10 920 000 000 (market cap)

Now, let’s do the same calculation with a $1000 Solana:

273 000 000 * $1000 = $273 000 000 000

In other words:

If Solana reaches $1000, the market capitalization, which is the value of all circulating coins combined, will reach 273 Billion USD

That seems kind of abstract. Let’s put it into perspective by comparing it to the market caps of different coins:

Market cap of Solana at 1000 dollars
Data from coinmarketcap.com

We see that if Solana reaches $1000, it would be the third most valuable cryptocurrency. This seems like a stretch, I know.

However, other cryptocurrencies will also increase in value during the bull market, giving Solana more room to grow.

Think about it:

If Bitcoin reaches $100 000, and Ethereum reaches $8000, their market caps will be much higher. This will make a $1000 Solana within the realm of possibilities, for sure.

This is what a $1000 Solana looks like next to the predicted prices of Ethereum and Bitcoin:

Comparison of Solana, Bitcoin and Ethereum

This looks way more realistic. The fact that the predicted market cap of Ethereum is roughly 4x the market cap of Solana at $1000 is great news.

Summary of this part of the analysis:

If Solana reaches $1000, it will have a market cap of $273 Billion. This would place it as the number three most valuable cryptocurrency given the current prices. However, compared to the predicted prices of this bull cycle, a $1000 Solana will be roughly 1/4 of Ethereums market cap and 1/7 of Bitcoins, which seems way more realistic.

The Adoption Of Solana

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the network effect is one of the main drivers of the price. The network effect is exponential by nature and is why some coins, like AAVE, go on 2000x surges.

The best way to measure the network is to look at the community behind a coin. Right now, Solana has a great community:

Solana community
Source: https://solana.com/community

Solana also has a great ecosystem, with tons of dapps built on it and partnerships strengthening its position on the market.

Below you see the number of projects built on and/or collaborating with Solana:

Solana ecosystem
Some of the applications and partnerships at/with Solana

To check out the projects, go to this website:


In addition, we see institutional interest in Solana. We are getting headlines like this:

5 New Funds Bring $100M to Boost Growth of the Solana Ecosystem (source)

Also, Solana is working with Coinbase Custody, bringing the potential for institutions to buy and hold Solana through Coinbase.

This is great news for Solana, as it lets institutional investors buy Solana and keep it safe, all through Coinbase.

All this institutional adoption is great for the price of Solana and makes it way more realistic that Solana reaches $1000.

Conclusion: Yes, Solana Can Reach 1000 Dollars

Yes, Solana can reach 1000 dollars. The main reasons are:

1) High speed, great scaling, and low fees

2) Institutional interest

3) Growing ecosystem of applications and strategic partnerships.

Personally, I have invested in Solana. At the time of writing, it takes up about 3% of my portfolio.

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