How to find new shitcoins

How To Find Shitcoins Early

(Updated 16. September 2022)

Shitcoin investing is crazy. It can make you filthy rich in a matter of weeks, only to leave you broke a few days later. When I first got into this market, the biggest question I had was this: How to find shitcoins early?

The way to find shitcoins early is to join subreddits like “r/AllCryptoBets” and Facebook groups dedicated to promoting new shitcoins. Here you can scroll through hundreds of shitcoins that recently launched. Most of them are bad, but a few of them show signs of promise.

Below you’ll find a list of subreddits to check out if you’re looking to get into some shitcoins early and potentially make some crazy returns.

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Please be careful. Shitcoins carry insanely high risk. I think it is idiotic to put money in them without first establishing some serious positions in coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“But Ethereum is 2 slow, bro…!”

Well, not if you know what you’re doing:

What you’re looking for is an Ethereum trading and investing strategy. I have written a beast of an article showing you step-by-step, EXACTLY what to do to make tons of money with Ethereum: Check it out here.

Where To Find New Shitcoins Early

The easiest way to find new shitcoins is to check out the different subreddits dedicated to “shilling” shitcoins. Here’s a list of suggestions:

All these subreddits contain several new shitcoins you can look into. Please, make sure to research coins before putting your hard-earned money into them!

If you need a strategy for investing in shitcoins, read this article: The Ultimate Strategy For Investing In Shitcoins

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