Monthly updates on the Bitcoin addoption metrics


Blockchain technology can easily pretzel your brain. To avoid this, I’ve cooked it down to the essentials, and created step-by-step explanations that are easy to follow.

I’ve ranked the different posts after their complexity, ranging from beginner to Intermediate.


Is Enjin Decentralized?

I’ve been watching Enjin for over two years now. I first bought it in April of 2020, at a price below ten cents – good times! In this article, I’m addressing a…

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How Much Are Solana Fees?

Like most others, I’ve been using Ethereum for most of my DEFI and NFT usage. I’ve never really cared about the high fees until a normal swap on Uniswap cost me $400,…

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What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is what we can call a “fundamental technology”. In isolation, it’s not all that exciting, but amazing stuff can be built on top of it.Essentially, a blockchain consists of digital blocks…

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The Bitcoin Revolution:

The Bitcoin revolution will take place when Bitcoin overthrows the U. S. Dollar as the world reserve currency. When central banks hold Bitcoin, and issue currency backed in it. When commodities like…

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