chiliz can reach $100

Can Chiliz (CHZ) Reach $100?

Chiliz is the leading fan token project. Macro expert Raul Pall has explicitly stated his excitement about this cryptocurrency. In this article, I’ll explore the possibility of Chiliz reaching one hundred dollars.

Here’s the short answer:

Yes, Chiliz (CHZ) can reach $100. Realistically, it can happen within 2040, as the crypto market has grown large enough by then. CHZ reaching $100 is equivalent to a market cap of $530 Billion.

In the rest of the article, I’ll outline why I think a $100 CHZ is within the realm of possibilities.

I’ll let you know that I personally own Chiliz and that I’m long-term bullish on this project.

Is It Realistic For Chiliz To Reach $100?

To answer this, I’ll calculate the market capitalization of a theoretical $100 CHZ and compare it to a theoretical Bitcoin at $100K and Ethereum at $10K.

I deem a $100 CHZ unrealistic, at least for the next 3-6 years, if the market cap is larger than Bitcoin or Ethereum at $100K and $10K.

Below you see the comparison, showing that a theoretical $100 CHZ is highly realistic:

Its realistic that CHZ reaches $100
data source: CoinGecko

For Chiliz to reach $100 its market cap needs to reach $530 billion. That’s a lot, but not even half of what Ethereum would have at $10K.

Here’s the math: Market cap = price per coin * circulating supply

I believe Ethereum will reach $100K, and Bitcoin will reach $1 million, which gives Chiliz plenty of room to grow in the coming crypto cycles.

When Can Chiliz Reach $100?

To figure this out, I’ll look at the current market share Chiliz has captured, and calculate how large the total cryptocurrency market needs to be for CHZ to reach a market cap of $530 billion with the given market share. It’s generally less speculative to predict the market than a specific coin, so this way we’re probably reaching a more accurate estimation.

The current market share of Chiliz is 0.147% of the total crypto market. In 2021, it reached a high of 0.2%. I believe that a market share of 0.8% is realistic for Chiliz to reach in the next crypto cycle, or the one after that. It’s the same market share as Dogecoin currently has.

Here you see the development of the market share for Chiliz since 2019:

chiliz market dominance
(data from Tradingview)

Let’s use the two different market shares to calculate how large the total crypto market needs to be for Chiliz to reach $100:

Current Chiliz Market Share of 0.147%:

For Chiliz to reach $100 with a market share of 0.147%, the crypto market needs to grow to $360 Trillion. Here’s the math:

$530,000,000,000 / 0.00147 = 360 Trillion

This is not realistic. Therefore, Chiliz will never reach $100 with its current market share.

Let’s run the numbers with our assumed 0.8% market share:

Assuming Chiliz Market Share reaches 0.8%:

For Chiliz to reach $100 with a market share of 0.8%, the crypto market needs to grow to $360 Trillion. Here’s the math:

$530,000,000,000 / 0.08= 66.25 Trillion

This is within the realm of possibilities, but not in this decade. Therefore, Chiliz might reach $100 within 2040.

The reason I think it might happen next decade I that I believe Bitcoin will reach one million in the next decade. Given a Bitcoin dominance sub 35%, the total crypto space will be in the range required for Chiliz to reach $100, given a 0.8% market share.

In other words:

Chiliz might reach $100 within the next decade if it manages to capture 0.8% of the cryptocurrency market.

Whether or not it can capture 0.8% of the crypto space is up for discussion, but it’s far from impossible.

Conclusion: Yes, Chiliz Can Reach $100

Chiliz can reach one hundred dollars, but not before the next decade. The cryptocurrency market needs to grow larger than $60 Trillion, and Chiliz needs to capture close to one percent of the market. This might happen within 2040.

Stay strong and buy those dips!
– Oskar