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What is the Maximum Potential of Bitcoin?

When the likes of Citibank and JP Morgan predict Bitcoin prices from $150 000 up to almost $400 000 within a few years, it makes you wonder:What is the maximum potential for Bitcoin in terms of price? Here’s the short answer:The…

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Is It Safe To Invest In Ethereum?

(Updated 21. September 2022)After learning about Bitcoin, it’s natural to start looking at Ethereum for its potential to increase your returns. But is it safe to invest in Ethereum?Here’s the short answer: Yes, Ethereum is one of the safes cryptocurrencies to…

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Theta vs Ethereum: A Comprehensive Comparison

(Updated 21. September 2022)There are lots of innovative and lucrative cryptocurrency projects to invest in. Today, I’m zooming in on two of my favorites and comparing Theta vs Ethereum in terms of use-case and as investments. Here’s the short answer: Ethereum…

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Is Theta Fuel (TFUEL) A Good Investment?

(Updated 21. September 2022)Theta Fuel is one of the few cryptocurrencies that actually has a great use case. It is rewarded to users of the Theta Network simply for viewing videos and supporting the network of streamers/content creators. However, as a…

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Can Ethereum Reach $100K?

(Updated 17. Septmeber 2022)I’m a huge Ethereum bull and have a large portion of my personal portfolio carved out for it. With all the exciting stuff going on lately, I’ve been wondering: Can Ethereum reach $100K at some point in the…

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Is Cardano Deflationary? The Tokenomics Of ADA

(Updated 17. September 2022)ADA, the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain, is an exciting crypto with a strong following. In this article, I’ll look into the economics of this token and figure out if Cardano is deflationary or not.Here’s the short…

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Can Polkadot Reach $1000?

(Updated 16. September 2022)Polkadot is a fascinating project that has real use cases and value. In this article, I’ll look at the potential prices Polkadot might reach and if it can touch $1000 at some point.Here’s the short answer: Yes, Polkadot…

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