Get ready for the next rally

Get your portfolio bullmarket-ready in just 5 days, diversified according to your risk tolerance.

All you need to do is to tell me your risk tolerance and I’ll do all the research and analysis. In less than a week, I will present an improved portfolio with optimal diversification across sectors and market cap.

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You’re missing out

You need new altcoins

  • Do you see coins exploding left and right, while yours are left behind?
  • Is your portfolio diversified?
  • Is it underperforming?

If yes, it’s time to rethink your portfolio and find new altcoins.

Small Altcoins3,055%


But how do I find them…?

Hey, I get it. Analyzing altcoins is technical and confusing. Crypto is complicated and takes way too much time to master.

Building a new and improved portfolio is hard and time-consuming… you probably don’t even know where to start (or find the time).

That’s why you’re in FB or telegram groups, watching YouTube videos, reading newsletters, or scrolling on X.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re learning… But the market is moving faster than you learn.

You’re not keeping up with “knowledge-inflation”.


You need a system

A systematic approach is the only way to build a better portfolio, ensuring diversification and exposure to all the bullish sectors of the crypto market.

Here’s what you need to do, step by step:

1. Figure out what sectors of the altcoin market are bullish.

2. Make a list of fundamentally strong coins in the bullish sectors.

3. Technically analyze them to find good entry prices.

4. Track everything and rebalance over time to keep risk low.

If you follow those steps, your portfolio will be ready for the next rally.

This systematic approach is the reason I get to sleep at night: I feel safe that my portfolio is diversified (minimizing risk) and exposed to all the bullish sectors (maximizing returns).


Let me do it for you

In just five days I’ll go through all the steps mentioned above, putting together a suggested portfolio of coins with optimal diversification across sectors and market cap.

I’ve been doing this for 7+ years, professionally for the past 4. I love spending hours analyzing (which is why I got a math degree), and I’ve got Excel files up on Excel files with systems and blueprints, ready to go.

Save time. Save effort. Let me build you a portfolio.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and I do not offer financial advice. What I offer is research, analysis, and portfolio diversification optimization. All investment decisions are your responsibility, please do your research and understand that cryptocurrency investing is inherently risky and loss of capital is possible.

The Price (50% off)

$599 -> $299
It’s not for everyone:

If you have invested (or plan to invest) less than $2,500 in crypto, this is not for you. This program is supposed to pay for itself, which excludes small investors.

Let’s say this program costs 5% of your portfolio. In this case, you’d need to increase ROI by 5% for the program to pay for itself.

Five percent in crypto is just another Tuesday. Literally. I’m writing this on a Tuesday and my portfolio is up 7.43% today.

The price relative to your portfolio:

Portfolio SizePrice as % of the portfolio
$30,000+< 1%
Given the 50% discount and email delivery. See details below.

Now ask yourself this:

Can the new portfolio pay for itself in terms of higher returns?

Don’t take my word for it

Listen to Stine’s experience:

I have received a specific and concrete suggested portfolio, and it is diversified among different sectors that match my personal risk tolerance.

Everything is clear and you get tables and divisions that show what and how much. Oskar has also been good at explaining and teaching along the way, so that it is not too much at once.

In addition, he is very nice, patient, and understanding, and the Zoom meetings have been the highlight of the week!

He has an insight and understanding that is truly unique and I can highly recommend Solberg Invest further, whether you are a pro or a beginner.

I am now looking forward to further meetings to discuss the portfolio and make the changes he recommends. It is already time to take profit, which I am really looking forward to!

– Stine Sørbøe


The Market is Moving – Take Action

Email Delivery


$ 299

  • All communication over Email
  • Delivered in 5 days
  • Budget-friendly
  • Email support for questions


Zoom Delivery


$ 497

  • Two 1-1 Zoom calls with Oskar
  • Delivered in 5 days
  • Oskar explains the portfolio
  • Ask Oskar follow-up questions


Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and I do not offer financial advice. What I offer is research, analysis, and portfolio diversification optimization. All investment decisions are your responsibility, please do your research and understand that cryptocurrency investing is inherently risky and loss of capital is possible.

BONUS: Get “cap” for free

CAP (Crypto Asset Program) is a suite of tools that make crypto investing easier and less time-consuming. It is especially good for managing your portfolio and for testing out new strategies before implementing them.

CAP lets you track diversification across sectors and market cap, to make sure you minimize risk over time.

CAP includes a calculator for seeing the potential ROI of different trades. Use it to tweak your strategy and increase risk-adjusted returns.

The portfolio setup gets you going. CAP keeps you going.

Look Inside CAP:

1. Calculate ROI easily and automatically for different exit strategies with the strategy tester:

All you need to do is to plug in your strategy and “MY RESULTS” will automatically give you all the numbers you need.

This way you can test out a new exit strategy in less than 5 minutes.

The visualization area offers easy-to-grasp insights to tweak your strategy:

Basically, The Strategy Tester is a place to quickly check the outcome of different trades or DCA plans to find a strategy that actually works and takes you to your financial goals.

2. An easy and quick way to discover weaknesses (and how to fix them) in your portfolio:

  1. Plug in your positions
  2. Get an overview of your diversification
  3. Correct weaknesses by finding coins in sectors where you lack exposure

Using this tool, you’ll remain appropriately diversified across the main sectors in the altcoin market, simultaneously decreasing risk and increasing potential returns.

The tool automatically charts your diversification, making it easy to spot flaws:

If your portfolio looks like this, you’re relying on luck.

3. The only 10-step blueprint you need to qualify potential altcoins:

I’ve analyzed hundreds of altcoins.

I’ve written roughly a million words about them on my blog.

I’ve published a book about how to create a crypto investing strategy.

This is the approach I have developed (and use every day) for analyzing altcoins and managing my portfolio.