Where to invest in June 2022

The craze of digital currency is continuously growing in people’s minds as people have become more aware of digital currencies and even the technicalities involved in them. People want to look for better options for investment that can yield better returns than the conventional method of investing. Cryptocurrency gives complete control in the hands of the investors, and it is also very safe. Therefore, people are more attracted to investing in digital currency.

Deciding the best digital currency to invest in is a monstrous task as you must conduct proper research before depositing your money into any domain. Moreover, any individual must select only those digital currencies that would assist them in having a enduring investment portfolio. Below are some of such coins you can start investing in now. 


A conversation about digital currency will be incomplete if we do not mention bitcoin in the list. Bitcoin has been able to prove its worth and significance in the market since the time of its inception. If you want to invest for a longer duration, then bitcoin is the most suitable type of digital currency. However, the people interested in investing in bitcoin should not consider this currency to have the most upside potential, but it does have the most downside protection. Moreover, people have become very loyal to this digital currency as they have witnessed the positive side of investing in digital currency.

Bitcoin has witnessed its ups and downs. This is the best-performing digital currency as it has lasted the longest, and performed best overall. Moreover, bitcoin not only attracts individual investors but also draws the eyes of famous multinational companies like tesla, block inc, and MSTR. They also hold a good quantity of bitcoin over their balance sheets. Thus, if you are looking forward to investing in digital currency, you should consider bitcoin as it is very popular among people in the investment world.


After bitcoin, the second most popular and profit-giving digital currency is Ethereum. It is the second-largest currency if we look around the market. Moreover, this is built over blockchain technology and makes it decentralized in nature. This feature attracts many people to invest in digital currency and even Ethereum.

Many people rely on Ethereum as a mode of earning good profits and gains as it is not as expensive as bitcoin; however, it holds a similar position in the market. So, suppose you are planning to enter the world of digital currency as a beginner. In that case, investing in this digital currency will be a decent way to begin diversifying. Some people like to check out bitprime-gold.com/. for more on trading and investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can also read more about Ethereum here, or at their website.


Solana is another good cryptocurrency where you can invest if you want a digital currency to add to your portfolio. Solana is layer one blockchain and its native token is SOL. This is counted as a part of the top ten digital currencies available in the market. It has been rising in popularity and valuation since 2021. Therefore, Solana can attract new people, investors, and projects just because of its smooth functionality. 

It’s consistently feasible that more short-term downside stalks for Solana; the blockchain has a firm foothold in Web3. Thus, it wouldn’t be unpredictable to witness SOL back in the triple digits within the next year or two. Therefore, you can consider investing in this digital currency. Solana is on the rising side, and therefore, the total pricing of this digital currency is comparatively low.