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Micro Investment – How to Start Investing With Limited Funds

You no longer need thousands of dollars in savings to start investing. The investing world conjures up images of men in suits and Wall Street stockbrokers shouting down the phone for many people. But these days, even if you only have a few dollars to spare, you can start generating some passive income through your investments. Let’s look at some simple ways you can start making your money work for you.

The Cookie Jar Approach

The key to building wealth is to start developing good money habits. To invest, you need to have some money saved away. You could start by saving as little as $10 per week, and it will soon add up.

Try putting a small amount of money each week into an envelope, a shoebox, or a cookie jar. It sounds silly, but it can be a crucial first step towards changing your money habits and making sure you are putting money aside. Investors need to learn to live on less than they earn.

The electronic equivalent would be to set up a savings account. This would be separate from your checking account, and the money would be more difficult to withdraw, making it easier to save. When you have some money saved, you can start investing.

Enroll in a Retirement Plan

For those on a tight budget, even a small retirement plan can seem beyond your reach. However, you can start with amounts of money so small that you won’t even notice them. This is a step everybody should take to help protect your future.

You could invest just 1% of your salary into a retirement fund. You probably wouldn’t even notice an amount that small. You will also receive a tax deduction on all money that goes into the fund (in most countries). Once you have committed to a 1% contribution, you could gradually increase the amount, year on year. If you receive an annual salary raise, you won’t even notice these increases.

Open an IRA

If you open a personal IRA, you have complete control over your account. One of the most significant benefits of opening an account like this is its ability to grow completely free of tax. Once you start approaching the age of 60, you will also be able to take out money tax-free.

(For U.S citizens, at least)

Use a Robo Advisor

Robo advisors have been around for over a decade now. They make investing as simple and accessible as possible. You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge. A robo advisor will take all of the guesswork out of investing.

They will ask you some simple questions regarding your risk tolerance and investment goals and then invest your money in a highly diversified portfolio. They use algorithms to update your investments continually.

There is no simpler way to get started in investing. You can start with a very small cash injection, and you will be charged moderate fees. Robo advisors are cheap and well worth it.

Invest in the Stock Market

The internet has made it easy for people with low funds to start investing in the stock market. You can start with a few dollars and familiarize yourself before beginning to invest more significant amounts.

Stockbrokers used to charge commissions of several dollars every time you bought or sold stock, making it cost-prohibitive to buy or sell small amounts. Now there are ways to invest without paying any commission, and you can get started with as little as $1.

The ability to invest in part or fractional shares has also made the stock market much more accessible. Instead of investing in a full share, you can buy a small fraction and build a diversified portfolio.

Get Into The Real Estate Market

You no longer need a ton of money to invest in real estate. Real estate crowdfunding makes it possible to own fractional amounts of a property. This means you will gain the benefits of income from rent without the hassle of being a landlord.

This type of investment could require minimum investments of around $5,000, so it’s not as cheap as some other options. It could also be risky because you put all your money into one investment rather than having a diverse portfolio.

However, you will own part of an actual physical asset. It can also be a great way to start learning about real estate investment.

Low-Initial-Investment Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a type of investment security that allows you to invest in a whole portfolio of stocks and shares with a single transaction. They can be perfect for first-time investors, and you will likely need an initial investment of between $500 and $5,000.

Some companies will allow you to make a smaller initial investment if you agree to invest each month for a contracted amount of time. This kind of automatic investing arrangement can be really convenient. You can even arrange for the money to come straight out of your payroll each month.


Cryptocurrency is all the rage. Those with little money often assume that it isn’t for them. However, this simply isn’t true. There are many platforms, such as Coinbase, where you can buy and store a large number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You often receive a small cash reward for signing up, which you can invest in a coin of your choice. If you learn the market, there are potentials for making big gains.

Micro Investment Apps

Utilizing today’s technology, micro-investment apps will allow you to save and invest money in small amounts. These apps help to make saving easy. When you connect a debit card, some of the apps will round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and save or invest the extra money.

This is a great way to save money without even thinking about it. There are many micro investment app options out there.

In Summary

As you can see, there are many ways to save and invest money without needing a ton of savings. You need to develop a plan, be patient, and do your own research. You won’t become a millionaire overnight, but following some of these tips will help you secure your abundant financial future.