BTT vs WIN: What Is the Best Crypto Coin?

How to Make the Right Choice: BTT vs WIN

The cryptocurrency market has risen dramatically over the years, surpassing all expectations in the process. As a result, there are a plethora of cryptocurrencies available nowadays. Bitcoin and Ethereum have attracted so much interest owing to their profitability, while less popular coins like BTT and WIN raise doubts. 

This article will not only provide a BTT vs WIN comparison but also help you make an informed crypto decision and diversify your portfolio with unique assets.

BTT Review

BTT is a cryptocurrency launched by BitTorrent and Tron in 2019 to tokenize P2P file-sharing protocol and improve bandwidth speed. BTT bridges the gap between content creators and the audience, without intermediaries involved. BTT tokens will help receive a faster download speed and can be exchanged for TRON via a decentralized exchange.

The developers expected the massive Bittorrent community (more than 1 billion devices) to support the coin so that it would have increased demand. The total supply of BTT is 990 billion tokens, so they intended to maintain the price growth by having 990 tokens per device.   

The initial BTT price was $0.00043. During 2019-2020, it was pretty stable, with minor fluctuations and the highest rate of $0.001779 on May 28, 2019. However, at the beginning of 2021, it began growing significantly and reached its peak ($0.01068) on April 4, 2021.

BTT Strengths and Weaknesses

Some features of this cryptocurrency make it attractive to potential investors:

  • The community can reward content creators directly with BTT.
  • It is associated with renowned peer-to-peer file sharing.
  • It is available on major exchanges, including Godex, Binance, CoinTiger, and many more.
  • Many think that monetizing unused resources will be a common thing in the future, thus extremely popular. 

However, like most investments, BTT has its drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • The Tron company and other investors hold almost 50% of the shares, which means it can cash out at any time and wreck the whole thing.
  • BTT is discussed in the crypto community more than among BitTorrent users. This is suspicious, as it should be vice versa.

WIN Review

This is a cryptocurrency token that allows users to place bets and make transactions on WINk — a decentralized gaming platform. WIN was launched by TRONbet’s creators after it was rebranded to WINk in July 2019. 

In August 2019, WIN was introduced at a price of $0.00037, and it hadn’t been higher until March 21, 2021. Then on April 4, 2021, the WIN price reached its peak of $0.0023 and started decreasing again afterward. As of this writing, WIN is valued at $0.00087 and its market cap is less than 1 billion dollars.  

The interest of investors and its association with Tron will contribute to its long-term growth.

WIN Strengths and Weaknesses

There are certain attributes that WIN possesses that attract the interest of crypto investors:

  • As it is built on Tron, WINK’s scalability reaches up to 2,000 TPS, offering an almost instantaneous gaming experience.
  • All games on the platform work on cryptocurrency by default.
  • Partnerships with Tron and BitTorrent give the project a significant advantage. 
  • 96% of the token is in circulation, which means that it will be getting scarce, thus increasing in price.

Apart from the positive sides, there are some shortcomings:

  • As a relatively new cryptocurrency, WIN is volatile. As a result, there is a potential risk that comes with investing in it.

Comparative Analysis BTT and WIN

Both BTT and WIN coins are new. Their long-term availability will still be subject to speculation. Both cryptocurrencies are volatile, which implies that they often experience significant variations in their prices. 

For BTT, its peer-to-peer file sharing and availability on various exchanges make it a good option for investors. Yet, the low level of security it offers — something that WIN makes up for — must not be ignored. Since financial activities often attract hackers and other malicious individuals, the need for a high-security level in transactions is paramount.

For WIN, its great number of investors and their contribution increases the chances of its long-term stability. Even though there are some shortcomings, WIN has great potential, given the increasing interest in online gaming these days. 

WalletInvestor thinks that in one year, the investing profit for WIN will be around 70%, while for BTT it is over 100%. So, for now, the predictions are pretty positive.


All investors look to dabble in projects that bring them great returns in the future. Both tokens should be closely monitored, as they are very promising. Still, considering all the strengths and weaknesses, WIN seems to have a competitive edge over BTT in terms of long-term investing.